Meet the professionals with pride serving you.

Bridget Hoefling

President and Owner

Mitchell Hoefling

Operations Manager/Accounting Assistant

Atalie Simpson


Ashley LaBrune

Account Manager Supervisor

Jissel Becerra

Human Resources

Luna Lizama

HR Assistant

Alex Gosch

Client Acquisitions

Janell Lewis

Strategic Leader

Trisha Norris


Desiree Bahney

Accountant Assistant

Hilary Wieck

Home Health Nurse

Kelsey Zenk

Account Manager for South Dakota and Receptionist for Sioux Falls Clinic

Brandi Brandt

Account Manager

Sabrina Dean

Account Manager

Ashley Haukap

Account Manager

Deanna Haukap

HR Assistant at WITCC Health Clinic/Acc. Mgr.

Brittany Taukeiaho

Account Manager

Taylor Gaul

Administrative Assistant

Halle Murray

Marketing Intern

Dann Larson

Advertising and Marketing Communications

Kaysie Hamilton

Human Resources Assistant

John Stollberg

John Stollberg 2nd degree connection 2nd CHT/Chief Operating Officer at Tri State Nursing Occ. Health & Therapy

Cassandra DeBoer

Dr. of Physical Therapy

Roha Abera

Nurse Practitioner

Megan Miller

Physical Therapist Assistant

Marcus Johnson

Physical Therapist

Nikki Newman

Occupational Health

Nancy Huynh

Occupational Health Assistant

Maria Herrera

Occupational Health and Therapy Services Office Assistant

Grace Wilmes

Occupational Therapist

Amy Kvernmo

Marketing Specialist

Michelle Wood

Michelle Wood, PTA cert., CEAS, AOEAS, HEAS

Jody Pickering

Physical Therapist Assistant Certificate

Ryan Meyer

Occupational Therapist Assistant

Vanessa Herrera

On Call for Drug Testing